Website prices are NO LONGER ACCURATE!

One of our distributors that we auto-import from sent us incorrect data, so pricing and availability is all over the place (No, a VR-80 is not over $6,000 dollars, and we aren't selling Springfield Milspecs for $1,200. We also aren't selling LWRC rifles for $500). Contact us for availability, email [email protected] or text 626-593-4819


UPC: 642230244641
SKU: HK709303-A5
UPC: 642230244856
SKU: HKM709001-A5
UPC: 642230244818
SKU: HKM704501-A5
UPC: 642230244924
SKU: HKM723001-A5
UPC: 642230244603
SKU: HK709031-A5
UPC: 736676903740
UPC: 736676903542
UPC: 642230248861
SKU: HK745037-A5
UPC: 642230244559
SKU: HK704531-A5
UPC: 847128007937
SKU: AD102148
UPC: 847128006909
SKU: AD101698
UPC: 847128000266
SKU: AD100398
UPC: 847128000075
SKU: AD101228
UPC: 847128007913
SKU: AD102942
UPC: 847128007845
SKU: AD102283